People die every single day. It sounds awful, but it is needed. A necessary evil, a required exhale. Death is something that you know is going to happen to you, there is no question about it. However even though death is an absolute, we all just assume it will happen "one day", when we are old and have accepted our fate.

Heres the thing. There are no guarantees we are going to live till we are 85 and die in our sleep. There are no guarantees. You have to live your life. You only have such a brief moment on this Earth. Stop putting things off till "next week", "next month" or hell "next year". Do it now. Do as much as you can right now, because there really is no way you know how long you have to do it. Live everyday as bucket list. Live everyday like it is your last, I know it sounds cliché, but its true. I'm not talking about going wild everyday of your life, like Lil Wayne (for the love of all that is holy please don't live everyday like him.) Just try to live everyday with intent. If you want a day of rest, draw a bath, really allow yourself to soak. And if you want to go on a hike that day, try your very hardest to make it to the top, be sure to take in the view. No matter what just try to live your life like if today was your last one, so you won't be distraught by the way you used your time.