I in no way, shape or form claim to be a "beauty guru", but I can manage to get out of the house looking half way decent. What more could a girl ask for?.... A mean contour, flawless lip color and the smokiest of eyes. Just to name a few...But eyebrows are hella important and I prefer to start simple. 

Common Mistakes: 

  • OVER DOING IT. Please for the sake of all that is Kanye do not go overboard on the brows. I totally get it, you're feeling yourself and decide to go super bold on the pencil/dip brow. But its important to follow the yellow brick road that is your natural brow shape. 
  • Over plucking. Mostly done in frustration. Put the tweezers down and ask the universe for good vibes. Come back to it later.
  • Kinda mentioned before, but never go against the grain. Listen to the features that you were blessed with and stick with your inherent eyebrow shape. 

Helpful Hints:  

  • Using a small flat makeup brush take a pigment (I use Anastasia's dip brow) and starting mid-brow, follow through with the color. Blend upward following the direction of your hair. 
  • Think ombre. Ombre your brows. Light at the beginning and darkest at the end. 
  • Your eyebrows are sisters, not twins. Don't alter one, because the other isn't a carbon copy of the other.